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    This page presents the web hosting companies with the best reviews whose servers are located in the United States:



1    Siteground
THE ANALYSIS RESULTS of SiteGround  reviews on the Internet
 TOTAL   18 900 + reviews found 
3.95€ /mo
87% positive reviews
Server Locations: Chicago, IL, North America Amsterdam, NL, Europe Singapore, SG, Asia                    
2    Arvixe
THE ANALYSIS RESULTS of Arvixe  reviews on the Internet
 TOTAL   11 800 + reviews found 
$4 /mo
81% positive reviews
Server Locations: Dallas, TX Chicago, IL New Jersey                    
3    ixWebHosting
THE ANALYSIS RESULTS of iXwebhosting reviews on the Internet
 TOTAL   7 850 + reviews found 
$3.95 /mo
76% positive reviews
Server Locations: Columbus, OH                    
4    GreenGeeks
THE ANALYSIS RESULTS of GreenGeeks  reviews on the Internet
 TOTAL   3 450 + reviews found 
$3.96 /mo
74% positive reviews
Server Locations: Phoenix, AZ Chicago, IL Toronto, Canada                    
5    Lunarpages
THE ANALYSIS RESULTS of Lunarpages  reviews on the Internet
 TOTAL   3 900 + reviews found 
$3.95 /mo
73% positive reviews
Server Locations: Irvine, CA Denver, CO Chicago, IL Ashburn, VA                    
6    Dreamhost
THE ANALYSIS RESULTS of DreamHost  reviews on the Internet
 TOTAL   26 100 + reviews found 
$8.95 /mo
68% positive reviews
Server Locations: Los Angeles, CA Ashburn, VA                    
7 Webhostinghub-Immotion
THE ANALYSIS RESULTS of Inmotion,  WebhostingHub*  reviews on the Internet
 TOTAL   13 500 + reviews found 
65% positive reviews
Server Locations: Los Angeles, CA Virginia Beach, VA                     
8    HostGator
THE ANALYSIS RESULTS of HostGator  reviews on the Internet
 TOTAL   110 300 + reviews found 
$3.96 /mo
61% positive reviews
Server Locations: Provo, UT Dallas, Houston, TX                    
9 Hostmonster-Justhost-Bluehost
THE ANALYSIS RESULTS of Bluehost,Justhost,  Hostmonster* reviews on the Internet
 TOTAL   256 400 + reviews found  $3.95 /mo
60% positive reviews
Server Locations: Orem, UT Chicago, IL                     
THE ANALYSIS RESULTS of FatCow, iPage*  reviews on the Internet
 TOTAL   439 900 + reviews found 
56% positive reviews
Server Locations: Dallas, TX Chicago, IL                     
    The US hosting is characterized by favorable conditions. These include having the lowest prices in the world amidst abundant possibilities, as well as a variety of marketing strategies: discounts, promotions, bonuses, coupons, and other tangible benefits
    * Moreover, some companies create several brands through which they promote their services in order to acquire more of their market. Typical examples of Bluehost, Justhost, Hostnonster, which in fact belong to one company. The same relates to Inmotion & WebhostingHub, iPage & FatCow


    United States Web Hosting

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