All customer reviews of the most popular hosting providers on ONE WEBSITE



In today’s rapidly developing marketing industry, every company is prepared to promise anything to obtain clients: best uptime, highest speed, profitable conditions. Analyzing reviews of clients who have evaluated service quality themselves is the only approach to obtaining accurate information regarding levels of quality

Therefore, ratings based on online client reviews are gaining in popularity

Unlike them, our project is not limited solely by those reviews on our website


Our project:



Locates all online reviews of more popular hosting providers (from thematic websites, forums, social networks, etc.).


Лингвистический алгоритм

Recognizes the tone of the review: positive or negative (by using a special linguistic algorithm)


Calculates the percentage of positive reviews from the total number of reviews for each brand, and summarizes the results in the form of a ratings report: from the review with the highest rating (1st place) to the one with the lowest (last place)


    Thus, you do not have to spend time on searching and analyzing reviews in order to make the right choice. Our automated system has already done it for you. We will be glad if you find it useful

    If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this project, you can contact us via the feedback form